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Dye industry trend remains unclear

2021-01-18 | Hits:    Changzhou Gaoxuan Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd.
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At present, the dye is in the off-season hours, weak market demand, coupled with the need for time-consuming downstream inventory, so the market temporarily in a "vacuum." Since mid-April to late disperse a wide range of price increases, in mid-May after the broad based reactive dyes, we have not yet had a massive price behavior. 2013 to April 1, the dye has a monthly price increase, 5, 6, there is no price increase in September, 7, 8, 11 months for the price upsurge.

"Now the market is mainly waiting for the second half of July and August, the stock market, when demand for fall clothing to the meeting." The industry source said.

It has also been pointed out that, even if the price of dye, is expected to increase relatively limited, not ups and downs, and the cycle will be extended.

Earlier, vice chairman and secretary general of China Dyestuff Industry Association, Tian Liming has also said in an interview with news agency great wisdom in the past 20 years time, the global industry dyes are transferred from Europe to Asia, accompanied by the transfer process the competition is fierce, the competition brought about a decline in product prices and profits.

"But now after 20 years of this transfer, the global dye industry has focused on Asia, China, India and South Korea three countries. At the same time, after years of production and sales, the market has been relatively stable, so the industry has a reasonable return to the previous required margin. "Tian Liming said. He said the next three to five years will dye industry toward high-margin, high value-added in this direction.

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