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Development of the global market size of high performance pigments

2021-01-18 | Hits:    Changzhou Gaoxuan Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd.
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Future market trend of dye associated with large current domestic and international economic situation, to a certain extent, the situation can be said to decide the future.

From the international economic situation, the recent international market, especially the needs of the US market is not room for growth. The other two major economic actors in Europe and Japan are still not able to get out of recession shadows. International market demand will inevitably be affected, although it has improved exports, but exports can not have too high expectations, or to put up domestic demand.
Thus the fourth quarter, China's dyestuff industry and market will be under the influence of domestic and international economic situation and the various factors, a number of significant changes will occur. In the fourth quarter, market demand is still space dye, but substantial growth is not realistic. Because the number of dye demand, mainly depends on the textile, printing and dyeing, real estate, textile, automotive, industrial fabrics and other downstream industry demand situation how.
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